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Are these included in your Cyber Incident Response plan?

Formalising arrangements to respond to a cyber incident before it occurs can greatly assist in ensuring that the organisation’s response is appropriate, effective and undertaken as quickly as possible.

Coronavirus - 10 useful tips to help your organisation prepare

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across international borders, our Risk Management team have developed 10 top tips for any organisation to help them prepare.

What does the future Insurance landscape look like?

Are the recent trends suggesting the increase in rates that started slowly in 2018 and gained momentum in 2019 expecting to continue into 2020 and beyond?

What are the main global risks predicted for the future?

In today’s highly connected world, several challenges can now impact economies and organisations globally rather than regionally. We explore our top 3 risks and provide guidance to help you plan and build resilience in to your business and supply chain risks.

MIPIM 2020: Property Conference in Cannes postponed

Due to growing concerns related to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the organisers of MIPIM 2020 have announced that the event has been rescheduled and will take place June 2-5 in Cannes.

Winter is coming…Get prepared!

Winter weather in the UK is notoriously unpredictable and as most of us know, can lead to serious and sometimes devastating consequences from snow, ice and low temperatures, all of which can have serious impacts on your business, organisation and workforce.

Workplace Wellbeing

Statistics show that one in four adults will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime and it is estimated that 15.4 million working days are lost every year due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks appear to be on the increase again, potentially being fueled by some organisations being prepared to pay the demands of criminals. Here are 5 top tips for helping your organisation falling into the ransomware trap.

Crisis Communications

With the UK General Election now over, the past few weeks of campaigning has certainly witnessed some ‘interesting’ ways political parties have chosen to deal with their communications in front of the media during a crisis. If your organisation finds itself at the center of a controversial or damaging event, how you choose to manage your communications during that crisis can have a huge impact on the eventual outcome.

Claims on Ice - Pausing The Action

Most consultants are already familiar with the idea that claims in negligence and/or contract are subject to the doctrine of limitation periods (or prescription periods in Scottish law).

British Overseas Bank & Henderson v. Stewart Milne Group

Towards the end of 2018, a Scottish court threw a spanner in the works of those seeking to limit their liability in collateral warranties, by ruling that a prescription period (limitation period) in a collateral warranty was not impacted by the presence of ‘no greater liability’ and ‘equivalent rights’ clauses, which would otherwise have had the effect of ‘time barring’ the claim.

Common Data Environments – Paradise Lost?

We have recently fielded a number of questions from clients relating to the increasing use of Common Data Environments (or CDEs) on construction projects.

Griffiths & Armour’s global capabilities

Assurex Global is an exclusive partnership of 108 of the world’s premier independent insurance agents and brokers, which marries local market expertise with global economies of scale.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance - also known as PI insurance – is intended to protect professionals and their businesses

Cyber Risks

Organisations are increasingly dependent on information and communication technology (ICT) for their day-to-day activities. Whilst this delivers significant benefits, it may also introduce new risks, which if not managed correctly can significantly impact upon operations, financial performance, legal compliance and reputation. Research suggests that the cost of cyber crime in the UK is £34.1 billion per year.