Griffiths & Armour have a long and established Private Clients team with a proven track record in providing bespoke insurance policies for individuals who require distinctive unique cover and protection for many unique aspects of their lifestyle.

The imbalance of supply and demand in the cyber insurance market has resulted in soaring premium rates. Our team discusses key factors impacting why businesses are purchasing cyber insurance cover and the importance of implementing robust cyber risk management strategies

From March 25 2022, drivers will be deemed to be breaking the law if they use a mobile phone for “any use” whilst driving. Our team discuss how to check your motor fleet’s awareness of safe driving and in particular, their knowledge of the new rules.

As businesses continue to navigate the post-pandemic world, the use of motor vehicles is steadily increasing. To assist with Driver Training, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Driver Assessment System, part of our RMworks proposition, which is designed to assist organisations to assess their drivers’ skills and shape training requirements.

SPAC / DE-SPACS are used as vehicles for a company to raise capital and require specialist insurance coverage to protect the management team and assets.

Whether it’s for personal use, a gift for a loved one or a purchase primarily for investment purposes, these brands have historically increased in their value every year – making it even more important that your insurance cover reflects the value of these possessions accurately throughout the year.

How can contractors benefit from a Latent Defects Insurance solution? With contractor insolvencies continuing in 2022, our expert team discuss why all firms should have Latent Defect insurance.

How does the insurance industry view timber construction projects? Our expert team discuss the benefits of using timber and how underwriters view these projects.

How can your business manage risk through the Electric Vehicle Revolution? We ask businesses and the insurance market for their perspective.

What is the current position of insurers when dealing with accidents, total losses or other key claims considerations involving Electric Vehicles you own, now or in the future?