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NSPCC Race to Lapland

Throughout December, the NSPCC has challenged the insurance sector to put a team together to raise money by collectively walking, running or cycling 2,784km between 1-14 December.

Brexit: Will motor vehicles require a Green Card to travel?

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement in place, motorists will be required to carry a Green Card for international travel. We discuss how your business may be affected, whether your organisation has to pay to apply for a Green Card, and the immediate impact Brexit will have on travelling abroad.

The Charity Sector: How your organisation can prepare for 2021

We caught up with David Erskine, who leads our Charity Sector Insurance team to get his views on what organisations can do to get prepared for a hard insurance market and be in the strongest possible position to face potential challenges and risks.

RMworks Launches Claims Intelligence Portal

Claims intelligence provides clients with access to insurance claims data, reports and dashboard analysis, which makes the claim process much clearer through our comprehensive and user-friendly platform. Managing Director, Greg Street, discusses the features and benefits of the newest addition to our risk management platform, RMworks.
Paul Sapiro

New Partner and Board Director Appointment

Griffiths & Armour is delighted to announce that they have expanded the Board of Directors with Paul Sapiro being appointed as a new Partner.

Griffiths & Armour and Keoghs Webinar: COVID-19 Claims Trends & Risk Management in the Food & Drink Sector

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We were delighted to have recently held a webinar in partnership with Keoghs Law that discussed emerging COVID-19 claims trends, sector specific risks and opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves in the Food and Drink supply chain, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

How can I prepare my business for the winter weather ahead? Q&A with Ground Control

Ground Control's Winter Maintenance Director, Ian Morehouse and Griffiths & Armour Risk Management Director, Cath Swindells offer their expertise and guidance on how to best navigate your business through winter.

How to support your workforce during a period of Homeworking

Following the government announcement of another national lockdown from 5 November, our Risk Management Director, Cath Swindells offers guidance on risk management considerations in relation to homeworking, how to complete a risk assessment of a home workspace and how your organisation can develop a Wellbeing policy.

What impact can Fake News have on my organisation's reputation?

Fake news can have a devastating impact on your business and presents a risk to your profits and reputation if not handled correctly. Our Development Director, Troy Johnson discusses fake news, the implications for your business and how you can navigate bias.

RMworks launches new Behavioural Safety Module

We are pleased to announce a recent addition to our RMworks platform, the RoSPA approved Behavioural Safety training module.

Webinar: 6 Key Areas for a business to consider for return to site

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We were delighted to have recently held a webinar in partnership with the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) and provide guidance to their members of how they can ensure a safe return to the workplace.

Causation and Employers Liability Claims

Furlough, lockdown and home working have all played a major part in the reduction in the number of claims. In this article we outline likely areas for Employers Liability claims, the effects on existing claims, who is targeting businesses and how COVID-19 could be used to the benefit of the claimant against your business.

IBM Report highlights Global top three causes of Data Breach

The impact of COVID-19 on the data breach landscape has created additional security challenges to organisations worldwide. Managing Director, Greg Street discusses the release of IBM's global report and how you can protect your organisation from a data breach.

Global Insurance Coverage - Do you know what you're buying?

If your organisation operates globally, it is essential that you have a bespoke insurance policy in place to protect your personal and business risks. Development Director, Troy Johnson offers guidance on considerations your organisation should make in regards to its global insurance coverage.

Universities - the Insurance market during COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, with more colleagues working from home and an increase in online teaching, the University sector is exposed to a variety of risks, which without the correct insurance protection in place, can have a devastating impact. Our Client Services Executive, Nick Fitzgerald shares his insight on the insurance landscape for Universities in 2020.