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Why should Private Companies purchase Directors’ and Officers’ insurance?

Directors' and Officers' insurance is especially important for private companies, as the directors and officers tend to have a greater level of involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company, and are at a higher risk of potential claims brought against them.

Griffiths & Armour Cyber Lead, George Gardner wins Liverpool CII Young Achiever Award

We are pleased to announce that Griffiths & Armour Cyber Lead, George Gardner, was awarded the Young Achiever Award by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Liverpool.
Businessman holding SME blocks

Do SMEs need Directors’ and Officers’ insurance?

A multitude of factors have resulted in heightened risks for businesses, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) not exempt. The increasing risk landscape has the potential to be even more devastating to SMEs, as they may not have the same resources available or the insurance coverage obtained by larger firms.
Preparing for a challenging insurance renewal?

5 Tips for your insurance renewal

The insurance market has seen a period of change, and when it comes to the renewal of your insurances you could see higher than expected renewal quotes, reduced cover or, with certain risks and in some situations, you may even find it difficult to secure insurance cover at all.


Through our unique relationships with insurers and in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, we have designed a unique insurance facility to provide our clients with the best cover and support. MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ provides wide ranging insurance protection with a range of benefits not usually included on standard policies.
2023 Claims Trends

6 Claims Trends in 2023

As we continue to navigate through the ever-changing nature of claims, Claims Division Director, Andrew Taylor, discusses some of the key issues and current challenges in relation to increasing claims costs and the potential impact on your firm.
How to best protect your range rover

How to best protect your Range Rover

Rosemary Hayes, Private Clients Insurance Broker, discusses how Range Rovers are becoming increasingly difficult to insure and provides advice regarding security measures and types of policy. We advise you always speak to a specialist insurance broker to assist with your cover, as it’s never a one size fits all approach.
Directors' and Officers' Insurance

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

To provide clarity on considerations when selecting a D&O policy, Client Services Director, Martin Hawken answers 7 frequently asked questions in our latest video. Martin discusses the key reasons to consider a D&O insurance policy, who it protects and areas that are incorrectly assumed to be covered by D&O insurance.

The benefits of Private Medical insurance

Employers are being increasingly impacted by stresses in the UK healthcare system. Broadstone Financial Solutions Limited Senior Consultant, Simon Pickerill, discusses the threats to workforce health and how employers can respond.
Caroline Murphy Award 2023

Griffiths & Armour’s Hasan Temeldasi receives the Caroline Murphy Award, recognising outstanding contribution to the community

Griffiths & Armour, together with the Insurance Institute of Liverpool, is happy to announce that the Caroline Murphy Award for 2023 has been awarded to Hasan Temeldasi.
hot works

Hot Work Permit – is yours best practice?

Hot work is a major cause of loss to many businesses and the financial loss can be insurmountable. Risk Management Director, Cath Swindells, discusses the steps organisations can take to protect colleagues and/or contractors.
Griffiths & Armour Private Clients

How is Griffiths & Armour Private Clients different?

The Griffiths & Armour Private Clients team assist our clients in insuring their personal assets. We specialise in working with individuals who need a personal and bespoke service to ensure they are protected in the ever-changing world in which we live.

Martyn’s Law Update

The government announced further details of the proposed Protect Duty, known as Martyn's Law, in December 2022. Introduced in response to the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena in 2017, the law is named after Martyn Hett, one of the victims. The law will require venues and events to conduct security assessments, develop emergency plans, train staff and volunteers and promote public awareness of the threat of terrorism.
Employer Controlled Insurance Policy

Does my construction project need an Employer Controlled insurance policy?

Taking a strategic approach and working with a specialist broker to adequately insure construction projects can benefit all parties involved and offers greater protection, control and governance, particularly for the Employer. This is known as an Employer Controlled insurance policy.
Business Interruption Insurance

Considerations when selecting a Business Interruption Indemnity Period

Business Interruption insurance can be misunderstood by business owners, as there is often a belief that other insurance policies will protect their finances due to an unforeseen loss. Griffiths & Armour Client Services Director, David Varey, discusses what a Business Interruption insurance policy covers and what factors to consider when selecting an indemnity period.