Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 16 Dec 2019

Workplace Wellbeing

Statistics show that one in four adults will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime and it is estimated that 15.4 million working days are lost every year due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Mental health conditions can have a serious impact upon an individual’s personal and work life. The reasons for such conditions can be varied and include medical, domestic situations, financial difficulties, and work-related.

An increased number of employers are recognising this and understand they can do a great deal to support their employees by creating an environment that allows people to maintain their wellbeing.

So what exactly is ‘wellbeing’? The contributing influences on the wellbeing of one individual will differ from another however, put simply it is an individual’s state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, encompassing both their mental and physical health.

Putting the commercial and operational implications of absenteeism to one side, more and more employers are realising the importance and long-term benefits associated with investing in their colleagues’ health to demonstrate that they value and care about them.

Employers can proactively adopt a range of policies and procedures to help maintain staff wellbeing, which include: good people management; risk assessments; training and educating; providing support mechanisms and promoting healthy living (which in some examples involves covering part or all of the cost of gym), fitness class membership and/or a cycle to work scheme.

If this is a subject you would like more information about, you may be interested in reading risk management guidance on Wellbeing, available to all Griffiths & Armour clients through the Risk Directory section of our RMworks online platform. If you are not a Griffiths & Armour client, please get in touch with our Risk Management team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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