Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 21 Apr 2022

When Did You Last Risk Assess and Train Your Drivers? | Griffiths & Armour

When did you last risk assess and train your drivers?

Many businesses and organisations impacted by the pandemic are now moving towards resuming pre-Covid operations, which involves more face-to-face contact with customers and in turn, more business miles being undertaken. Business owners and Fleet Managers should therefore be looking to address any driver assessments and/or driver training that may have been put on hold during lockdown.

To assist in this regard, Griffiths & Armour are pleased to announce the launch of our new Driver Assessment System.

The system, which is one of six risk management facilities on our RMworks online portal and which is available to all Griffiths & Armour clients, is designed to assist organisations to assess their drivers’ skills and styles, helping to identify best practice and shape training requirements to address gaps in safe driving habits.

Greg Street, Managing Director of Griffiths & Armour Risk Management commented:

“For many individuals, driving at work represents the highest risk they face with approximately 15 times more fatalities per year than sectors such as agriculture and construction. Ultimately, the main benefit of our Driver Assessment is to assist with improving their driving performance and providing organisations with more visibility of individual and company wide driver assessment results. By improving visibility of where the risks are, organisations can take pro-active actions to help reduce accidents, minimise insurance costs and comply with legal health and safety duties to assess significant risks”.

The key features and benefits of our Driver Assessment and Training Service include:

  • Drivers being risk assessed using an advanced rating engine according to their driving history, behaviour, knowledge and role.
  • A personalised post-assessment training video delivered to each driver as part of a newly introduced two-stage assessment and training process.
  • A series of new training videos covering key driving safety topics which can be assigned to drivers at any time, such as part of driver campaigns or post-accident training.
  • Automated email reminders to ensure drivers complete assessments and training in a timely fashion.
  • Generation of records to demonstrate health and safety compliance.
  • Dashboards, reports and analysis tools to assist Fleet Managers to better target driver training and interventions.

If you are a Griffiths & Armour client and would like to access the new system, please contact your usual contact or broker and they will be happy to help. If you are not a client and would like further information on the new Driver Assessment System, please contact Greg Street by clicking the button below.

Greg Street | Griffiths & Armour