Brave New World - The Claims Context | Griffiths & Armour

In the first quarter of 2020 we hosted a series of roundtable meetings with a broad range of professional clients active in the built environment including Architects, Consulting Engineers and Contractors. The purpose was to explore different parties’ perspectives on the various commercial and environmental challenges that they face for trading in their immediate and long-term. The resultant findings are reflected in our serialised report, ‘A Brave New World: Navigating future challenges’.

Why did we embark on the Brave New World engagements?

It was becoming apparent that the construction sector was potentially about to face more significant challenges than at any point in recent times. At least part of those challenges were likely to flow from the crystallisation of liability issues that have been commented on previously. With that in mind, and to inform the engagements, we prepared a claims-based White Paper to highlight some current experiences, potential trends and possible ‘lessons to be learned’.

That paper is now available as ‘A Brave New World: The Claims Context’ and it reviews ten of the highest value settlements concluded under our construction facilities during 2019. The intention is to share lessons learned with our clients and place them in the most informed position to assess and capitalise on future opportunities.

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