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The insurance market, essential guidance ahead of your organisations insurance renewal…

The next time you renew your organisations insurances, you are likely to experience higher than expected insurance quotes and premiums, reduced cover or in certain situations, you may find it difficult to secure cover at all.

Despite a turbulent insurance market, with the right approach, you can navigate these challenges to secure the right level of cover for your business or organisation in the most cost effective way.

Here are our Top 5 tips to help you achieve this…

  1. Start earlier than previous years. If your broker is not already talking to you about this, they should be. If you don’t have a broker or would like to have an exploratory discussion on what to expect, get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to share some of the vital steps you can take to help prepare your business for the current market conditions and improve your risk profile ahead of the crucial review period.
  2. No later than 3 months prior to your renewal. Linked closely to the previous point, insurers appetite for decisions very close to renewal date or placing cover at the 11th hour has greatly reduced. Avoid late and uncomfortable surprises!
  3. Already operating a well risk managed business? You’ll need to prove it! The amount of information now being requested by the market has changed significantly. So in order for your business to present itself as an attractive proposition to insurers, the information expected from you has increased enormously. This is another compelling reason to start planning no later than 3 months prior to renewal.
  4. Plan your renewal strategy. At Griffiths & Armour we develop bespoke renewal strategies for each client, ensuring the necessary information is prepared and in place well in advance of presenting to the market to secure our clients renewal terms. If you would like more information on our approach, scroll to the bottom of this page and get in touch with us. We will contact you shortly after receiving your message.
  5. A tailored solution for your business can be achieved.  The insurance market is changing. Adapting your approach to meet those changes will be crucial for your renewal in 2021 and 2022. Consider new and innovative solutions like our exclusive new facility, MULTI-TRADEPLUS+, which has been designed to meet the current insurance market challenges which will be faced by your business AND introduce flexibility to help shape your insurance protection precisely to your business needs. You can discover more about how MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ is different and how it could benefit your organisation below.
MultiTradePlus+ | Griffiths & Armour


At Griffiths & Armour, through our unique relationships and knowledge of the insurance market, we have designed an insurance facility to help our clients through the current challenging insurance market by providing the widest insurance protection with a range of additional benefits not available on standard policies. We call it MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ and some of the benefits included are listed below:

  • Cost savings – by combining the entire premium value of the many clients already using the MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ facility, we use this as negotiating power with insurers to secure preferential rates and pass those to you in the form of highly competitive premiums
  • Premium stability – our negotiating strength allows us to secure fixed future premiums on your behalf which are essential for your business to plan ahead with a degree of certainty in very uncertain times.
  • Exclusive policy wording – which means you get additional cover at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind through the certainty of enhanced protection
  • Claims preparation costs – if an unpredictable event that leads to a claim occurs, your MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ policy will pay for an expert to help present your claim, saving you time and costs that would ordinarily be incurred by you when dealing with claims preparation
  • ‘Any Driver’ motor fleet cover – this is a rarity with most motor fleet insurance products in the current hardening insurance market
  • RMworks – access to our industry recognised Risk Management online platform at no additional cost
  • Dedicated Claims Advisor – no more being passed around from pillar to post. You can expect a dedicated point of contact in our Claims Management Team at Griffiths & Armour, on hand and ready to take ownership by providing vital support when you need it most.

To find out how our MULTI-TRADEPLUS+ solution and our general approach to securing cost effective and comprehensive cover for our clients during these very challenging insurance market conditions, get in touch, and a member of our team will contact you shortly to find out about your circumstances and explain the options available to you.