Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 13 Aug 2021

Griffiths & Armour host webinar in partnership with the Institution of Structural Engineers

We were delighted to host the first webinar in our three-part series in partnership with The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE). This session was part of our framework in place with IStructE and is one of a series of seminars and publications providing updates to IStructE members on developments within the PI market and underlying risk trends.

On 6 July, Griffiths & Armour Professional Risks Directors, Graeme Tinney and Stephen Hargreaves, provided guidance for Structural Engineers in the webinar titled: What’s happening in the PI Insurance Market?

The webinar covered:

  • How firms can prepare for renewal
  • How market conditions have impacted over the last few years; and,
  • The response that is now required.

Griffiths & Armour Professional Risks Director, Graeme Tinney, said of the session:

“Over the years, we have invested considerable time explaining the forces that shape the PI insurance market, what drives insurers’ thinking and how clients can manage their risks and relationships to achieve better outcomes. Given the current challenges in the market, We’re particularly pleased to be working alongside IStructE, in providing further guidance to members on how best to approach their PI insurance renewal and mitigate any challenges they may encounter.”

Kristy MacDonald, Board Secretary and Head of Professional Conduct, IStructE, said she believed the series of webinars hosted by Griffiths & Armour provide exactly the kind of helpful advice members require.

“When it comes to PI insurance, firms have so many questions and many are facing into challenging renewals in 2021. By working even more closely with Griffiths & Armour, we believe that members will be more informed and better placed to address the challenges.”

We understand the need to support informed decision making and we are pleased to make available a short video providing guidance and practical advice for firms in approaching the renewal of their PI insurance in the current market. Please click here to view the full video.

The next instalment of Griffiths & Armour’s webinar series is titled ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance and Contractual Risk Management – Walking the line on risk and reward’ and will be hosted on 30 September 2021.

If you have any questions about the contents of this article or would like to talk to our Professional Risks team about an upcoming PI renewal, please click below to submit your enquiry to Professional Risks Director, Graeme Tinney.

Graeme Tinney | Griffiths & Armour