Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 18 Oct 2019

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance – also known as PI insurance – is intended to protect professionals and their businesses in the event of claims made by a client (or third party) suggesting that they have suffered loss as a result of non-performance, breach of contract and/or professional negligence in the services provided. In addition, the policy will cover legal and other costs and expenses incurred in the defence of any claim. Professional Indemnity insurance provides the ultimate safety net when all else fails. Watch our short video to to find out if your business should consider professional indemnity insurance.

If you found this article useful, you may be interested in the following insurance solutions:

  • Professional Indemnity Professional service protection for claims brought against you by a client.
  • Office Covering the cost of accidental damage, breakdown, lost or stolen office equipment.
  • Cyber Risk Protection in the event of a data breach or a malicious cyber attack.
  • Public Liability Protecting your business from claims by clients or members of the public.