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Legal Helpline | Griffiths & Armour

If the unexpected happens and your organisation has a legal issue, it can be a distressing time. At Griffiths & Armour we go beyond placing insurance by developing collaborative partnerships with a select group of highly skilled professional services providers who can offer specialist advice and expertise on various matters closely associated with insurance and claims management.

One of these specialist services is our Legal Helpline which is available at no additional cost to our Professional Indemnity clients and is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our professional services clients with reassuring legal advice and support when it’s needed most. At Griffiths & Armour, we understand that every solution is different for each business which is why we have partnered with 5 experienced solicitor firms, each carefully selected for their sector specific expertise, with offices located across the UK and Ireland so you can access immediate advice and legal support through a representative based in your region.

Operating out of working hours, this telephone service offers sector specific expertise to ensure that your issue is dealt with promptly. This complementary service provides advice in legal matters, including commercial issues with professional risk implications and guidance on agency agreements, broker letters and your terms of business.

Stephen Hargreaves, Professional Risks Director said:

“All clients of Griffiths & Armour enjoy a range of value-enhancing services which complement the covers that we arrange to protect their businesses. The fast availability of thoroughly tried and tested advice is one such service which sets us apart from our competitors.

Our own highly experienced and knowledgeable staff are typically the first port of call when our clients need help with risk related questions, often extending beyond pure textbook risk management into strategic legal and practical commercial issues.

For those occasions when specialist legal advice is required, our professional services clients also have direct access to our carefully selected panel of legal experts via the Griffiths Armour Legal Helpline. This widely used but exclusive facility offers a further layer of support at no additional cost”.

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Steven Hargreaves | Griffiths & Armour