Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 01 Jul 2022

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Griffiths & Armour Professional Risks announce Client Services Board to strengthen client relationships

Griffiths & Armour is pleased to announce the appointment of our newly formed Client Services Board within our Professional Risks Division.

What is the Professional Risks Client Services Board?

Griffiths & Armour Europe DAC CEO and Professional Risks Director, Graeme Tinney, will chair the Board and support Client Services Directors, Thomas Alston, Claire Ault, Sarah McNeill, Claire Meade, Rhian Polglase and Lee Walker to maintain and enhance the service delivery to our growing number of clients. The team has a breadth of experience in providing tailored insurance and risk management advice to professional clients, and each brings their expertise to their new role.

Why were the Client Services Directors selected to join the Board?

Each Client Services Director was selected due to their particular specialism within the Professional Risks division and has a designated area of focus. By combining and coordinating each specialist personal skill-set, we will continue to provide high-level support to our valued clients.

Several Client Service Directors joined Griffiths & Armour via our Graduate scheme or as Trainee Insurance Brokers over 20 years ago. The Griffiths & Armour Leadership Team is delighted to see the Client Service Directors’ progression to the Board, as further proof of our commitment to hiring talented colleagues and supporting their personal development and progress within the firm.

How will the Client Services Board support the continued provision of a high level of support to Griffiths & Armour clients?

We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with clients, and the appointment of our Client Services Board will continue to build on our strong foundation for client service. Each board member will provide a quarterly report to clarify any areas where the client experience can be enhanced, with a clear focus on constantly evolving our service offering. This integral feedback will be reported internally, for the benefit of our clients operating across various sectors and facing unique challenges.

Carl Evans, Partner and Group Chief Executive – Professional Risks Division, said of the induction of the Board:

‘This is an exciting development, and I extend my congratulations to each individual for their appointment to the Client Services Board. This positive news will also provide an important stepping stone in the structure of our growing business, with further appointments anticipated in the future as part of our ambitious plans for growth’.

Graeme Tinney, Griffiths & Armour Europe DAC CEO and Professional Risks Director, added:

‘I’m delighted to lead the Client Services Board and continue to strengthen our client offering. Our initial engagement with colleagues and clients has been positive, and I look forward to working alongside the team. Our Board meetings and in-depth reports will help to ensure we continue to maintain a high level of client satisfaction’.

About Griffiths & Armour today:

Griffiths & Armour is proud to have a team of exceptional talent, and one of our key sector differentiators is the longevity and continuity of personnel. There is a clear desire to keep our strategic level of growth moving forward to ensure the firm continues in its commitments to help clients navigate any operational challenges by delivering world-class service and insurance cover through tailored programmes and industry-leading risk management support.

As part of our evolving client proposition, we have recently achieved the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management, that specifies best practices in security management and requires comprehensive security controls. The certification confirms Griffiths & Armour’s commitment to the security, confidentiality and availability of client services.

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