Written by: Griffiths & Armour on: 13 Feb 2023

Mock Trial in Partnership with Kennedys Law | Griffiths & Armour

Griffiths & Armour host mock trial in partnership with Kennedys Law

Griffiths & Armour recently hosted a mock trial in conjunction with Kennedys Law and Parklane Plowden Chambers. The event was held in Leeds, and was based on a fictional slip and trip case that provided an accurate portrayal of a hearing following a visitor’s slipping accident in the entrance area of a leisure centre complex.

The mock trial was designed to simulate a real life hearing, and included the provision of a document pack to delegates. It provided an insight into procedural matters, cross-examination, key documentation and the requisites for the successful defence of such claims. The event was aimed at those involved in insurance, health and safety, accident investigation and claims-handling; to educate on how claims are actually dealt with in the courts and the key issues surrounding the successful defence of such claims. The outcome was a ‘hard-won’ victory for the defence, but it was a very close-run finding and delegates were held in suspense until the end of the judgement.

The fictitious hearing clearly illustrated to the audience how real hearings can ‘ebb and flow’ between the counter arguments of claimant and defendant; specifically highlighting that deficiencies in defence documentation (including accident reports, investigations, risk assessments or training records) can seriously jeopardise the ability to mount a successful defence.

Slip and trip accidents are one of the most common sources of compensation claims, and this event was an excellent opportunity for delegates to learn about the legal and procedural aspects of these types of claims. By observing this mock trial, delegates were able to gain a thorough understanding of how best to prepare for and defend such claims in a court of law.

Mock Trial in Partnership with Kennedys Law | Griffiths & Armour

The event ended with an additional short session on the slipping hazards posed by snow and ice at this time of the year. Providing advice and guidance on the salient issues; such as documented protocols, inspection regimes, and gritting and salt laying for pedestrian walkways, car parks, etc. This was of particular relevance given the time of year and pending onset of such weather conditions, providing delegates with pointers as to the documented procedures and measures required, to be able to defend such claims.

The event is an example of how Griffiths & Armour adopt a proactive approach to help our clients manage their risk and improve claims defensibility. The feedback from delegates was extremely positive and all had found the event useful and enjoyable.

Further information on Slips, Trips and Falls is available via RMworks our online risk management portal available to all clients of Griffiths & Armour.

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