How to navigate the risks, claims and legal challenges for the care sector post COVID-19

We were delighted to have recently held a webinar in partnership with BLM. Our panel of insurance and legal experts shared their knowledge of how organisations can navigate through the risks, claims and legal challenges for the care sector post COVID-19.

The interactive webinar provided a unique insight and guide to inquests, investigations and claims arising from COVID-19 and the legal challenges that organisations may face. Due to popular demand, we have provided the questions asked by the attendees and the panel’s responses below. If you would like to watch the full recording of the webinar, this can be found at the end of this article.

If there is a second or third wave of COVID-19 claims will the same tests apply regarding liability?

Is it a defence if I have tried to obtain PPE equipment but failed?

How do you see self-insured retentions working/ Is each death/injury a single claim or could all COVID-19 claims be counted as a single claim?

Do you think employers liability claims are more likely to succeed than public liability claims?

What is our liability for staff advised to shield who refuse to stay off work?

Will the HSE investigate all RIDDOR reports?

Will the HSE prosecute if there is a COVID-19 related death?

What type of COVID-19 claims are you expecting to see most of?

The duty to keep up to date with all the changing regulation is enormous - presumably there is no allowance for this in a claims situation?

What will be your advice on supporting staff from minority backgrounds who are now deemed as vulnerable. Can other employees raise concerns of being discriminated if they are treated differently?

I own a business that operates in the care sector. What steps should we take if we believe we have a COVID-19 related claim?

You can view an On-demand version of the full webinar here:

We would like to thank everyone who attended the virtual event and BLM for their assistance in delivering the webinar.

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