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FR8: Haulage Insurance by the RHA 06
Reduced claims = Reduced premium
Giving you the peace of mind your business is protected in the event of an unexpected accident
or incident. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to ensure whatever the size of your business or however conventional or complex your requirements are, the right cover is in place.
Inclusive Legal Services sets FR8 apart from other insurers
FR8 haulage insurance policyholders will receive inclusive legal advice provided by RHA Legal Services, ensuring the right level of support and guidance is available every
step of the way. This legal service
is inclusive and sets FR8 Insurance apart from other insurers. The service provides comprehensive advice, support and representation through its suitably quali ed and industry speci c lawyers, potentially saving RHA members and policyholders thousands of pounds in legal fees.
Leading the way in driver training and standards
FR8 insurance provides policyholders with the opportunity to select from a comprehensive range of Approved Driver CPC periodic training courses. These courses not only meet the statutory requirements; they have been designed to help with your drivers’ professional development and address compliance, safety and improving productivity. All of which contribute positively to reducing risk and lowering premium costs through fewer claims.

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