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FR8: Haulage Insurance by the RHA 12
               Insurance can be difficult to understand; with so many different packages available it can be hard to decide what is best for you. It is important
to find a product that works for you and with you. Griffiths & Armour has the knowledge and experience to ensure whatever the size of your business or however conventional or complex your requirements are, the right cover is in place.
I have a great relationship with my broker.
That’s understandable and we’re sympathetic to those long established relationships you have. But in the interests of your own business, it’s worth doing a bit of due diligence here. At the very least it’s worth exploring what we can offer
in terms of an all-round package, which
is focused on safety and cutting your risks. You might be pleasantly surprised. There are lots of changes going on in
the insurance market at the moment and what happens if your broker is taken over by another  rm? It’s always wise to have a Plan B if something goes wrong – you never know it might become your Plan A!
I always wait until the last minute to get the best deal?
That’s not the best tactical approach to getting best value. You are effectively making life easier for your existing broker, so probably nine times out of ten you could end up renewing with your current provider and not actually generating any competition in the market place. Any underwriter who gets a last minute quote request could assume that you are up against it or are just trying to reduce the premium so they could either decline the opportunity to quote or potentially price the premium higher. Your claims history really does determine the premium – for every £1 your insurers pay out in claims they will want approximately £1.40 back in premium.

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