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 RHA Legal Services
The unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye. If it does, you will have enough to worry about without the anxiety and burden of how to pay your lawyers.
Our inclusive Legal Services, provided by Backhouse Jones, sets FR8 Insurance apart from other insurers and provides comprehensive advice, support and representation through its suitably quali ed and industry speci c lawyers, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in legal fees.
If members require legal assistance, the matter will be referred to a dedicated lawyer who will help make the right decisions when the pressure is on.
Members will bene t from unlimited support
as well as legal representation for the areas of employment law, regulatory concerns and defence of prosecutions. Additional support for commercial contracts, corporate property and all other types of commercial matters is also available, the  rst hour of which is included with preferential rates thereafter. Legal advice and support for emergencies outside of normal working hours is also available.

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