The insurance market has continued to harden which means insurers continue to reduce their appetite to offer cover for certain business risks. For those insurers that do, the information expected from a business to meet the criteria they set to secure competitive and cost effective insurance cover has changed dramatically in recent weeks.

You’re already operating a well risk managed business? Be ready to prove it!

Our team of experienced brokers and risk managers at Griffiths & Armour support businesses to introduce new and more efficient ways to improve how they manage risk, which includes compiling and demonstrating this information effectively to the insurance market. Our approach not only avoids additional administration pressures, but in most cases, significantly reduces the administrative burden and costs usually associated with the pre-renewal preparation period.

A cornerstone of this support would include giving you access to our industry recognised online risk management portal, RMworks, available at no additional cost to all businesses who appoint Griffiths & Armour to arrange any insurance cover on their behalf.


The Risk Profile of your business is very important for your insurance renewal. Here is how RMworks can help…

As you progress with negotiations of your insurance renewal with an increasingly challenging insurance market, having a proven risk management system with robust processes in place will help create a positive risk profile. This means during negotiations with insurers, having the ability to prove you operate a well risk managed organisation will help to secure the best possible terms and insurance protection tailored to your business.

RMworks can support you to continue managing risk efficiently and effectively, helping you adapt to any changing requirements of your business. This gives you peace of mind through the insurance protection that is arranged, delivering cost savings wherever possible and reducing the potential for claims made against you.

RMworks is an inclusive part of our ongoing service commitment to supporting businesses manage their risks by choosing Griffiths & Armour to manage and arrange their business insurances. It is available at NO ADDITIONAL COST to all Griffiths & Armour clients.