‘Brave New World: Navigating Future Challenges’ Launched

In the first quarter of 2020, we hosted a series of roundtable events in London, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow which were attended by a broad range of client representatives from across the construction professions. Those meetings explored different perspectives on the various challenges that lie ahead for design and construction professionals as they navigate new digital opportunities, the need to collaborate and the aftermath of Brexit.

These findings have been drawn together to produce ‘A Brave New World: Navigating Future Challenges’. This new publication, which we have also distributed to our clients who operate within the Construction industry, also marks the first of a seven-part serialisation of the full publication which will be issued each month over the course of 2020.

Although the roundtable events happened prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the serialisation offers guidance to help construction professionals navigate the inevitable market disruption that will arise, as well as sharing insight on some fundamental risk considerations aimed at helping businesses make informed decisions in the current climate.

Paul Berg, Partner and Group Director, Professional Risks Division said:

The changes in liability and claims landscape that have developed in recent years meant that there was a growing need to increase our clients awareness of those trends. We wanted to augment that awareness with our pragmatic advice on how those risks can be identified and best managed.

The evolving claims position combined with perceived liability factors had contributed to a marked reduction in underwriting appetite amongst PI insurers over the last 18-months, with consequent pressure on capacity, pricing and coverage.

Heading in to 2020, we had little doubt, that even before the effects of the Covid pandemic have become all too clear, that the consultancy sector was fast approaching a major crossroads.

Against that backdrop, we were delighted with the open and proactive nature of the discussions that we hosted, and would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who gave their valuable time to make a positive contribution.

We sincerely hope that the resultant ‘Brave New World’ series helps to inform on key considerations and ultimately assists our clients to make better business decisions.

Subsequent serialisations will highlight the claims trends and the projected operational changes that framed the roundtable discussions The ultimate aim is to help organisations successfully navigate the industry challenges that lie ahead.

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