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The Current Latent Defects Insurance Market and Challenges expected for 2023

Latent Defects insurance is ever changing and becoming much more of an upfront consideration during the budgeting process than it has been, when previously it was often seen as an afterthought.
To provide insight into Latent Defects insurance, we caught up with Joe Gooden from BuildZone, a leading residential Latent Defect policy provider, have commented on the current state of the inherent defect and building warranty market, which remains turbulent.

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: New Edition of the Joint Code of Practice

The Fire Protection Association has recently published the 10th Edition of its Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation (JCOP). This replaces the previous edition published in October 2015. Whilst the scope of the JCOP covers projects with an original contract value above £2.5m, the general principles can be applied to any construction project.

The Building Safety Act – All Change

As we head towards 2023, there are real questions as to what lies ahead for the construction sector. Earlier this year, we saw royal assent being given to the Building Safety Act, which brings with it significant changes to the operational, insurance and liability environment for anyone working in construction in England, as well as impacting those with projects in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Danger – Inflation and Underinsurance

News headlines have been dominated for months by the self-proclaimed “Cost of Living Crisis” following the sustained rise in inflation in the UK to over 10%, which is the highest level for over 40 years. The reasons for this are varied and include the release of pent-up demand following the Covid-19 Pandemic with associated supply chain difficulties, labour shortages and steeply rising energy prices triggered by the War in Ukraine.