Non-Appearance Insurance

Adam Brothers Contingency can arrange effective and comprehensive coverage for cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, curtailment or relocation of any insured event due to the non-appearance of any key person, such as a public speaker, performer, seminar speaker, artists in the entertainment industry including rock, pop, theatre or opera divas and many others. Indeed, cover could be arranged for anyone with a financial interest based upon the appearance of a specific individual, for example, local ticket agencies, venue owners/operators or merchandisers, etc.

Non-Appearance Insurance
  • Death of any insured person(s).
  • Accident or illness of any insured person(s).
  • Unavoidable travel delay.
  • Damage to or destruction of the venue(s).
  • Failure of television transmission and/or video signal following electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • Any other peril not specifically limited or excluded.

Non-appearance insurance can protect event organisers, promoters, managers and the like. The premium is based on the age of the key person(s), their medical and loss history and the location of the event(s).

Our facility with Lloyd's underwriters allied to our experience and expertise enables us to provide comprehensive and competitive coverage for your clients particularly in the area of unusual or exotic risks.

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