Livestock Insurance

The outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the UK in 2001 resulted in approximately seven million animals being slaughtered. A further outbreak, albeit smaller, in 2007 was further proof that this disease is still in existence and could return at any time. There is no cure for foot and mouth disease and it is very infectious which is why all animals infected with it must be slaughtered.

Livestock Disease Insurance

With animals such as sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and even some zoo animals affected by foot and mouth disease, any outbreak and subsequent closure of a livestock market can have drastic consequences for various people such as livestock auctioneers, farmers and livestock transporters.

Our underwriters are able to provide cover against a client's loss of revenue due to their business operations being held in a government designated movement restriction zone as a result of an outbreak of an insured disease (normally for up to a period of three months).

Foot and mouth is not the only disease cover is available for, and because we tailor our policies to suit each individual client, we are able to consider all types of enquiry in relation to livestock disease.

Our underwriters at Lloyd's have many years experience in this field and are able to provide us with swift and competitive quotations.

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