Litigation Insurance

All forms of litigation, for example court cases, arbitrations, planning enquiries, can be extremely costly. To be forced to halt such processes part way through and begin again is frustrating and unwelcome and can add significantly to the costs.

Litigation Delay Insurance

Adam Brothers Contingency have been arranging cover for many years for parties who have sustained losses following the death of the judge, arbitrator, planning officer etc. and the subsequent need to re-hear the case concerned. Equally important, but less well known, is that Adam Brothers Contingency are also able to arrange cover where litigation has to be abandoned following the death, disability or disbarment of other persons crucial in the case leaving the defendant(s) to bear their own costs.

Arranging cover of this type as early as possible will help to remove a number of areas of concern from an inherently nerve-wracking and frustrating process. Adam Brothers Contingency will be pleased to advise and quote.

Our binding authority/line slip facility with Lloyd's underwriters allied to our experience and expertise enables us to provide comprehensive and competitive coverage for your clients.

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