Celebrity Death, Disablement and Disgrace Insurance

The use of a celebrity as part of a promotional or advertising campaign is now very common as they are able to generate large amounts of publicity for products. In arranging such a campaign, high costs can be incurred but what happens if the celebrity dies, is injured or disgraces themselves? The campaign may have to be withdrawn at significant cost to the brand.

Celebrity Death, Disablement and Disgrace Insurance

Adam Brothers Contingency have access to markets that provide cover to clients such as commercials production companies or advertising agencies working in TV production against their loss of production costs or pre-booked air-time due to the death, disablement or disgrace of an insured person.

Cover is suitable for any campaign whether TV, cinema or commercial promotions, radio, stills, poster, press, newsletter, magazine, brochure, direct marketing, websites, specialist publications and internet publications.

Summary of Cover

Celebrity death, disablement and disgrace insurance provides protection generally for up to a year from the completion of filming but cover can also be arranged on request, prior to commencement of filming against the following:

  • Death of the insured person – the failure of the insured celebrity to survive for the duration of the insured campaign or the period of insurance (insurers would require a satisfactory declaration of good health at inception as an absolute minimum requirement).
  • Disablement of the insured person – such accident or illness to the insured person which causes the necessary cancellation or withdrawal of the campaign.
  • Disgrace of the insured person – any criminal act or any offence against public taste or decency committed by the insured person, or any situation or occurrence directly involving the insured person which degrades or brings that person into disrepute or provokes insult or shock to the community and reflects unfavourably upon the insured campaign or the insured, their principal(s) or product(s).

Our facility with Lloyd's underwriters allied to our experience and expertise enables us to provide comprehensive and competitive coverage for your clients particularly in the area of unusual or exotic risks.

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