Bespoke Contingency Insurance Solutions

The driving principle behind contingency insurance is that all risk exposures can be reviewed and cover offered to give protection or risk transfer. Adam Brothers Contingency is renowned in both London and International markets for their acquired skills in both managing and developing contingent insurance products.

Bespoke Contingency Insurance Solutions

We take care to understand the clients' business and their needs and to offer the soundest, most informed advice on what is available in the market place. Often we find we are working outside the 'standard form', developing products for clients which provide the cover required, whilst being beyond anything else available in the market - and it is these which form the basis of our bespoke products.

Nearly all of our products, which are now viewed as standard, began their life as a special or bespoke policy.

As the world of business changes and as technological innovations are taken into the mainstream, we at Adam Brothers Contingency are ready to receive, assess and arrange cover, which might today seem esoteric but will tomorrow be unremarkable, even commonplace. We are happy to discuss requirements (however unusual) and will normally be able to respond with advice and cover quotations within twenty four hours.

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To discuss an insurance quote, please contact our Contingency insurance team on:

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7090 1109


Adam Brothers Contingency is part of Griffiths & Armour Global Risks.

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