This product is aimed at protecting risks in both public and private sectors which are exposed to financial risks from adverse weather.

The risks could be either from an additional costs perspective through to lost turnover, or profit which can be directly linked to the adverse weather.


Examples include:

  1. A local authority faced with additional snow clearance costs due to adverse snowfall.
  2. Long periods of adverse rainfall during summer months impacting upon turnover of a barbecue fuel manufacturer.

Such risks have always existed and in reality these are accepted as a natural consequence of commercial trading. However you can now consider insurance cover.

Stabilising income

Income stabilisation products are of particular interest to companies whose business income can be directly impacted by weather conditions, for example:

Unseasonal rain

A water park is concerned that unseasonable bad weather during its busiest time of year – the school summer holiday months – is likely to result in reduced visitor numbers and a subsequent knock-on impact on revenues. To address this concern WeatherGuard can be structured so that if there is a pre-agreed amount of rain between certain hours over a specified period, and visitor numbers drop by more than a certain percentage compared with the previous year, then WeatherGuard will make good the shortfall in revenue.

Protecting expenses

WeatherGuard can be used to provide financial certainty across a wide variety of circumstances for example:

Extra expense cover: film-shoot wash-out

A film director requires at least eight rain free hours, either consecutively or non-consecutively to shoot an outdoor scene for a film. If there are less than eight rain free hours then the shoot would be a wash-out and considerable expense would be incurred rescheduling the shoot for an alternative date. WeatherGuard can insure the day’s shoot, and cover the rescheduling costs should the weather conditions create a claim.

Cost containment: white-out

An airport operator or local council may buy enough grit and salt that it feels is sufficient during a specific period in the winter, but there is no additional budget for buying more grit or salt during this time. WeatherGuard can tailor a product to cover the cost of the airport operator or local council having to purchase additional grit or salt should snowfall be more than was catered for.

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