‘Managing Risk in a Changing Business World’ – Construction Professions Roundtable

‘Managing Risk in a Changing Business World’ – Construction Professions Roundtable

‘Risk is an unavoidable fact of life in the construction sector’ – is the opening quote in Griffiths & Armour’s most recent risk management publication for the construction professions.

To further support a risk aware agenda, a series of preview launch round tables across the UK and Ireland have been hosted by Griffiths & Armour; chaired by Antony Oliver, the events gathered a panel of professionals from the architectural, engineering and consultancy sector to debate the ‘unavoidable’ risks in the construction sector. The groups debated whether, in today’s fast evolving construction, economic and business environments, it was more important than ever for professionals to understand the challenges they face and to keep their risk management strategies under constant review.

The discussion around the on-going risks facing construction included:

  • Understanding what ‘truly collaborative’ working really means and the impact it has on project delivery;
  • Working with Building Information Modelling (‘BIM’), and properly understanding what that means beyond simply ‘new software’;
  • Controlling the consequences of business growth as the post-recession workload increases;
  • Managing the interrelation and integration of teams to meet the changing needs of employers;
  • Competing in a global market whilst accommodating different cultures, expectations and political change.
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In addition to engaging in dialogue with like-minded businesses on the macro and operational issues that can contribute to PI claims against consultants, guests of the round table were provided with a personal copy of our latest risk management publication, Managing Risk in a Changing Business World.

Based on extensive research and broad engagement across the sector, the publication has been compiled to sit alongside and complement the extensive coverage provided by our own exclusive and proven Professional Indemnity insurance specification.

The identification of ‘Ten Virtues supporting business success’ as set out within the publication, were unanimously supported by the round table participants as an antidote to the emerging risks which, without proper and effective management, have the potential to become major threats to businesses of any size.

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For some useful pointers on how you can manage the risks inherent in construction and to find out more about the Ten Virtues please watch our video.

We hope you will agree that the messages are clear and they could help you and your firm to identify and mitigate risk.

Please do share this video with colleagues and if you would like any further information on this potentially critical business topic or have any questions or feedback around proactive risk education and management, please contact us.

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