Mock Trial: Manchester 2016

Mock Trial: Manchester 2016

Mock Trial

Back by popular demand, the first in our 2016 mock trial series is due to take place in Manchester in less than one month.

The ‘case’ focuses on the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations and will illustrate by way of a mock prosecution the various changes brought into effect in April last year.

We are not expecting to see the first real prosecutions under CDM 2015 until perhaps 2018. Our mock event therefore presents a unique and thought-provoking opportunity to see at this early stage how various parties might fare under the new rules. This is timely and potentially vital learning for anyone involved in current or future projects which fall under the 2015 Regulations.

Our fictional case involves the collapse of a property following significant defects. One of the contractor’s employees was almost killed during the incident, and charges have now been brought against the owner, engineer, architect and builder for design, inspection and various other alleged failures in performance.

We will demonstrate in an engaging manner what CDM 2015 means for various stakeholders; to contrast the current regime with the previous rules; to eliminate some grey areas surrounding common misunderstandings; and generally to see how the Regulations might be interpreted and applied by the courts.

Event details

Through the use of voting buttons you, the audience, are invited to act as the jury. The fate of the defendants therefore rests in your hands – quite literally! You will also be invited to participate in a Q&A/discussion session at the end of the formal proceedings.

Our event will be held at Media City in Manchester on 7th July. Attendance is free of charge and a buffet lunch is provided to round off the event.

To register your interest please click on the below link.

Please note that the event will be repeated in London during the morning of 22nd September.

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