Launching a collaborative insurance model: Join the #IPI conversation

Launching a collaborative insurance model

Join the #IPI conversation

Griffiths & Armour recently marked their support for the new Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) procurement model by arranging an IPI Master-Class with a panel of experts and champions of the model. The master-class introduced the model to an audience including representatives from a mix of interests in the construction industry. They learned that IPI will enable a truly collaborative approach to working on projects and how the resultant changes in mind-set will allow the project team to work together to find a solution when problems arise, instead of stepping away and playing the blame-game.

At the event, the audience was able to question the drivers behind this ground-breaking new insurance product, by testing the various project scenarios the IPI model would fit with. David Hancock from the Cabinet Office was one of the panel of experts and covered the rationale for Government’s use of the procurement model; also relayed was Government’s desire to rely on the industry to lead the way with positive changes, such as the IPI model, rather than mandating change. Kevin Thomas and Martin Davis from IP Initiatives spoke of how the appetite for IPI is clearly growing, and was evident in the number of firms tendering for the Dudley College trial project. Kevin also spoke of how the use of the IPI model needs to be initiated at the very beginning of project discussions to help take full advantages of the model by eliminating waste in the early design stages.

To hear the views and contributions of some of the panellists and audience members, click on the video below:

    "The key question is, how do we get in at the beginning discussions and early stages, so that the waste and inefficiencies aren’t installed in the design process?"
Kevin Thomas, IP Initiatives

Overall, the main focus of the discussion was to address how the new procurement model can provide the client with a better, lower risk project and what evolutionary challenges the individual clients, consultants, contractors and project teams might face during the adoption process.

If you would like to learn more about this new procurement model, or how the insurance model from Griffiths & Armour can abolish liability for construction cost overruns, reduce management time spent negotiating collateral warranties and bring an end to ever increasing PI limits, please leave your details here and we will get in touch. We are happy to discuss any projects that you believe to be suitable for the IPI model.

Click here to enter your questions and become part of the conversation.

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