Griffiths & Armour launch Engineering Bursary Initiative in Ireland

Griffiths & Armour launch Engineering Bursary Initiative in Ireland

Griffiths & Armour, in partnership with Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland and Engineers Ireland, are delighted to announce the launch of Griffiths & Armour ‘Engineering Futures’, a bursary initiative aimed at supporting 2nd year students studying Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical or Building Engineering in the Republic of Ireland.

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Working closely and in partnership with the Engineering profession for over 80 years, Griffiths & Armour has a proud history of supporting clients and industry bodies through periods of growth and through some of the very challenging economic periods. Today we look after the interests of about 2,500 consulting engineering firms across Ireland and the UK. It is that shared history and our knowledge of the sector that puts us in a unique position to understand the challenges and to have a positive influence in helping to address them.

A key issue facing the engineering sector in Ireland is recruiting and retaining sufficient numbers of young, talented students to fulfil the engineering demands and potential skills gap of the future. This is especially so with disproportionately low numbers of female students entering university to qualify in the engineering profession.

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Griffiths & Armour recognise the positive work by engineering firms, ACEI and Engineers Ireland to address this issue and was therefore delighted to attend the 2018 ACEI Annual Conference, to launch Griffiths & Armour Engineering Futures. The initiative will support one female and one male student through their engineering degree programme and is aimed specifically at 2nd year students studying Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical or Building Engineering in degree courses that have been accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Both Engineering students who are successfully awarded the Engineering Futures bursary will benefit from:

  • A guaranteed internship with an ACEI member Consulting Engineering practice in Ireland
  • A bursary of €2,500 per annum for up to 4 years
  • A range of unique experiences through Griffiths & Armour’s professional network and via their close partnership with ACEI and Engineers Ireland
  • A positive profile within the profession by sharing your journey and inspiring the next generation of Engineers

To help promote the launch of the bursary initiative, a promotional brochure has been produced to provide details of the criteria for application, key deadlines and the selection process for awarding the bursary. You can view the bursary brochure by clicking on the front cover below.

Image of the front of the brochure

If you are interested in applying for the bursary please read the brochure in the first instance and should you have any further queries, you can get in touch by e-mailing us at:

[email protected]


In addition, please find a list of FAQ’s which may also help.

Q: How do I know I meet the criteria to apply for the bursary?

A: There are 5 relatively straightforward elements of criteria that need to be met. They are;

  • You are living and studying in the Republic of Ireland
  • You are just starting the second year of your degree (Autumn 2018)
  • You are on a course in either Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical or Building Engineering
  • Your course is recognised and accredited by Engineers Ireland and that you are a student member of Engineers Ireland (it’s Free to be a student member)
  • You are willing to provide occasional updates and share your experiences on your academic journey over the duration of the bursary.

See page 6 for more information on this.

Q: What is involved and the application process and what do I need to submit?

A: There is no application form to complete. You just need to tell us what being awarded the Engineering Futures bursary would mean to you and your thoughts on the future of engineering in no more than 800 words.

See page 6 for more information on this.

Q: What are the important deadlines including when my application needs to be finished and sent?

A: All applications must be submitted by 5pm on 5th November 2018. Your submission should be e-mailed to: [email protected] All other details and key dates can be found on page 7 of the brochure.

Q: What happens after I submit my application?

A: A panel of judges will review all submissions before shortlisting. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview in Dublin on 29th November 2018.

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