What Club 110 Brokers say about the value of Membership

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of support to Club 110 members by looking at how they value the benefits of membership and how it affects their business; this was our guide during the process of developing the Club 110 Brokers' PI proposition.

Here is what the Club 110 members said:

“No other insurer is looking to provide added value to independent brokers in this way and I hope Club 110 flourishes.”

“It's recognition of our value to Aviva as a profitable independent broker.”

“Club 110 gives us access to a range of additional products and support to enable us to compete in the marketplace. It is tangible evidence that Aviva values the contribution our brokerage makes to their successful operation”.

Our clients' comments overall:

“I feel Griffiths & Armour provide a service more akin to partnership than just adviser.”

“For over 30 years I have found the service and advice from Griffiths & Armour both professional and helpful.”

“I have always been delighted with the service provided by Griffiths & Armour and see no reason to change my broker.”

“It's a large firm but has the characteristics of a smaller, very customer friendly organisation - also very good direct access to Director level.”

“The fact that Griffiths & Armour communicates this research demonstrates their willingness to be at the leading edge of service delivery in my opinion.”

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