Risk Management

Risk management forms the cornerstone of our insurance service proposition. Put simply, good quality risk management practices lead to fewer incidents and claims, which in turn allow for businesses to minimise both premium spend and retained costs.

Our guiding principles for risk management are innovation, practicality, a focus on the ‘end result’ and the desired output. Our risk management approach is complementary and integrated and not an additional, chargeable extra which sets us apart from our competitors.

Key services include:

  • Business continuity and supply chain reviews.
  • Cyber risk services / reviews.
  • Online risk management systems.
  • Dissemination of practical ‘lessons to be learned’.
  • Liability claims defence.
  • Health, safety and environment services / reviews.
  • Motor fleet risk management.
  • Property and Security risk assessment.
  • Contractual review.

Many of our clients ask that we provide presentations across their regional office networks to reinforce common risk management policy.

Bespoke Risk Management

Our client focused risk management work is bespoke and can include:

  • Presentations to the management board on 'Risk Management Best Practice'.
  • Presentations to senior management / project professionals on the 'Principles of Risk Management'.
  • Bespoke presentations on company specific liability and/or insurance issues.
  • Training DVDs / Memory Sticks.
  • Reviews of intranet management systems.
  • Risk Management training and workshops.
  • Review and advice on Conditions of Engagement, and other contractual exposures (e.g. collateral warranties / novations, etc).
  • Corporate management reviews.

We offer direct support and provide pragmatic and independent advice on legal and commercial risks. Our independence means that the decision as to the extent that a risk can be cost effectively managed remains that of our clients - a position we respect and understand.

Contact us to discuss our Risk Management Service

If you require more information about our risk management service, please contact us on:

Telephone: +44 (0)151 236 5656

Email: risk@griffithsandarmour.com

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